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the Microsoft Portal Event

July 29, 2004


TamTam, Microsoft, e-Office and Macaw are organising the Microsoft Portal Event.

This event focusses on how sharepoint can and will leverage the collaboration and efficiency within an organisation.

The event will take place at September 21st 2004, at the ‘Het Planetarium Gaasperplas’, The Netherlands. More info about the event and the speakers can be found at the portal event website.


WSE 2.0 and SMTP

July 29, 2004

From steve maine’s blog :

”I finished up my sample implementation of an SMTP transport for Wse2. Thanks to the power of WSE, you can now easily call Web Services via email đŸ™‚

The code is attached to this message. Instead of writing up a full article on the implementation, I peppered the code extremely liberally with comments. As a result, the explanation of the code is interleaved with the code itself. I’ll probably write more in depth about specific parts of the implementation, but hopefully the comments in the code should suffice for now. “

Think of the possiblities, calling an webservice via email. That’s quite cool!


July 29, 2004

An arcticle at on Indigo by mister D Chappel. From that acticle:

“Indigo requires developers to explicitly define which services an application exposes to the outside world. Rather than viewing everything as objects, an Indigo application draws a sharp line between what a particular class exposes to its object-oriented clients and what that class exposes to its service-oriented clients.”

This is exactly the point that makes this “soa” thing redefine our (developer/architect) work. These are going to be fun times for us.

What the SOA is a message?

July 28, 2004

From the msdn site:

Messaging Patterns in Service-Oriented Architecture, Part 1

Soumen Chatterjee
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

April 2004

Summary: This first of a two-part series discusses how messaging patterns exist at different levels of abstraction in SOA. Rather than explicitly declaring how systems will interact through low-level protocols and object-oriented architectures, SOA provides an abstract interface through which a service can interact with other services or applications through a loosely coupled (often asynchronous), message-based communication model. (23 printed pages)

The Nerd, the Suit and the Fortune Teller

July 28, 2004
One of the most entertaining parts of TechEd 2004 (Europe): The Nerd, the Suit and the Fortune Teller. Is now available online at msdn.
Found at the MSDN/devhawk site.
Link to Arvindra Sehmi: Info
Direct link to: Video (http)
More on SOA by Clemens Vasters (the nerd) at .NET Rocks
Direct video link

SQL Server 2005/Yukon

July 28, 2004

SQL Server 2005/Yukon Beta 2 is on de MSDN Subscriber downloads!

Some Clemens Talk

July 28, 2004

It is quite interresting to see that ever since the Service Oriented Architecture wave many developers are learning all over again. How to program in a Service Oriented world. How to name my methods, how to integrate these services.

Just so you know, Clemens V from newtelligence, the guy from TechEd 2004, has the same ‘problems’. Read it at his blog:

the first post:


.Net Framework 2.0 beta!

July 26, 2004

from neowin:

The Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 beta redistributable package is ready for download at: