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Design hurdles in a large enterprise

May 21, 2005

Always a good insight and good to read: David Chappel. Found this somewhat old entry in his blog on why the move to the Service Oriented world isn’t as clean cut as one would believe.

“Most often, ROI-based arguments for SOA are DOA, at least when they’re made to business people.”


The whole desktop search thing

May 21, 2005

These past few months, there has been a lot of (e-)media attention on this thing called desktop search ( the likes of Copernic, Google, Yahoo, MSN ), and now, now we also have “Google DesktopSearch Enterprise edition”

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Anyway, I can’t help but think that a good Sharepoint implementation would make all these products obsolete. You can use Sharepoint to:

– Store personal and corporate information (dare I say knowledge?),

– Search this and other external information,

– Use these features from a WebBrowser, Windows Explorer or your favorite Office application.

Anyway, at least all of this attention does focus us on the fact that there is a HUGE market for these kind of solutions!

Update: By no means did I mention ALL the features a good SharePoint implementation has!

While you were waiting

May 8, 2005

While everyone is waiting for Yukon (SQL Server 2005), Microsoft released a Service Pack for SQL Server 2000.

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