Putting it all together

Have been working on a project for one of our customers and pulled out some of the older magic. Older magic because everyone is already talking about VS2005 and such. Cool too, but back to my latest project. I finally got a chance to work with some of today’s cooler technologies:

– Enterprise Library (june 2005) [ http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=2165173 ]

Did not know what to expect, but it turns out to be quitte usefull.

– WebService Extentions 2 [ http://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices/building/wse/default.aspx ]

You just gotta love those DimeAttachments. We use these to send uploaded files from the WebApplication to a WebService.

– nUnit/TestDriven.NET [ http://www.testdriven.net/ ]

Should have used this more!!

– nDoc [ http://ndoc.sourceforge.net/ ]

And this little piece of software made putting comments in code fun!

view documentation sample

And now we have made a highly scalable, service oriented, kind of queued network solution.


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