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A 3D Rss Reader?

December 4, 2006

Found this little piece of freeware on

From the site:”UniveRSS is a 3D RSS feed reader for Windows Vista. It leverages the Windows Presentation Foundation and provides a stunning way of visualizing RSS feeds and their content. It introduces a full-screen 3D universe where galaxies represent the folders of your RSS feed directory, and the stars are represented by the spinning cubes that hold the feed information. Size and position of the feed cubes indicate how many unread items they contain.”

Using the MOSS 2007 Cache profiles with Forms based authenticated portals and websites

December 2, 2006

After some testing and fiddling with the settings of the moss 2007 output caching, it hit me, this is (DOH ! ) the same as the asp.Net output caching.
we were using FBA ( forms based authentication ) and some of the personalisation and custom build webpart were not working correctly.

How to setup your output cache profiles the right way

open the site settings:

edit the cache profile you want to use:

Change the HTTP Headers to use * to vary by:

configure to use your cache profile:

Hope this will help others too !