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CodePlex and Tam Tam

May 16, 2007

Most of the code and binaries we will post on these blogs will be available on our codeplex site:

Our SharePoint Solutions Management

Our SharePoint Diagnostics Logging add on


Lucy is blogging too!

May 15, 2007

head over to and read more on SharePoint and Workflows (WWF)

DIWUG Event : Woensdag 16 mei 2007

May 15, 2007

Deze woensdag, 16 mei 2007, is er weer een DIWUG event! Via mijn collega, Mart Muller, 1 van de founders van de diwug!

Meer info te vinden via

Trinicom, Tam Tam and SharePoint

May 4, 2007

Using the Webservice Module of Trinicom (Version T5) Tam Tam developed a means to make the Trinicom Content available within SharePoint Portal Server 2007.

See the newsletter [ here ]

Small screenshot, where the VU Digidesk search results are direct links to the Trinicom content :

SharePoint Solution to enable uploading and upgrading Solutions to your SharePoint Farm through the Central Administration

May 4, 2007

I wrote this little SharePoint Solution to enable the uploading and upgrading of Solutions through the Central Administration of MOSS 2007.

Use the DeploySolution.bat file on your moss server to deploy this solution. After this step you’ll never need to deploy a solution through stsadm!

Download the solution here: (9.67 KB)

The solution adds a Farm Feature:

Enable it to get access to the new solutions management (Central Administration -> Opperations:

And upload or upgrade any other new solution:

Using your own logfiles in SharePoint 2007

May 4, 2007

After reading the MSDN on Trace Logs in MOSS/WSS, I wrote my own little class to Log messages and exceptions.

The trick is, that this Logging class will log to the same folder as MOSS 2007 will log to.


You can use this this code to easily write to your own Moss Logs:

try {
// some code
int i = int.Parse(“1”);
TamTam.SharePoint.Diagnostics.LogMessage(“MyLog”,“Category1”,“Integer i found”);
catch(Exception exc) {

Download source code here Logging.cs (4.73 KB)

Download an assembly with this class here TamTam.SharePoint.Diagnostics.dll (16 KB)