Getting the web inside (SP2010 Code sample)

The activity feed in SharePoint 2010 is very interesting. It is a way to see and read what your co-workers are doing. Most of your actions in SP2010 will end up in the activity feed.

But what about your actions and updates outside the organisation? For instance your twitter account?

I created a class that will import your twitter updates ( through your public timeline rss feed ) and will post those updates to your activityfeed:

This way your colleagues can keep track of your twitter updates too!

After this, it was easy to create a class that would do the same thing for your Blog RSS feed.

All you need is: a profile property where you store your Twitter account name, no password needed. And you use this class to do the rest on a schedule. I used a command line application for it:

For the class TwitterAcitityFeed I used the code sample from here:,guid,b3af80e2-4e6f-41d6-ae93-61950a332a39.aspx as starting point. you are free to use this example, prototype code as is. It seems to work for us on the public beta.

Go over to the codeplex project:


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