SP2010 "System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException" from OWSTIMER

If you get this error on your SP2010 server or Dev machine:

“System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException” in OWSTIMER.exe

Chances are that you succesfully enabled Profile Import! But the “Forefront Identity Manager Service” is stopped for some reason. Could be due to a reboot timing issue with an unavailable SQL Server.

This service is actually the exe “Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe”

And if you were to debug the OWSTIMER exception you would see that the exception is:

Could not connect to http://devsp2010:5725/ResourceManagementService/MEX.
TCP error code 10061: No connection could be made because the
target machine actively refused it

So just go ahead and start the “Forefront Identity Manager Service” and your exception will not come back. You can do this through services.msc or

net start fimservice


4 Responses to “SP2010 "System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException" from OWSTIMER”

  1. Jeremy thake Says:

    Great work! thank you 😉

  2. alex Says:


  3. SonicVader Says:

    Thanks, this had be baffled for a while and I had to use trace mode to find the specific error which then bought me here.

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