Worldcup 2010 WebParts: Soccerino!

Small update: the WorldCup 2010 Webpart is almost done! And will be released shortly!

Teaser image:

UPDATE: the webparts are available

9 Responses to “Worldcup 2010 WebParts: Soccerino!”

  1. Michel Sargentini Says:

    Looking forward to this webpart!
    Any idea when it will be released?

  2. Maaike Heeremans Says:

    Hi Stef,

    Kun je me laten weten wanneer deze webpart wordt gelanceerd? Ik heb interesse om deze te gebruiken voor onze interne omgeving.

    Alvast dank.

    Met vr. gr.,
    Maaike Heeremans

  3. Ferry Says:

    Hello Stef,

    Is the webpart only supported by SP2010 or is it also compatible with earlier versions of SP?

    Otherwise I have to put some pressure on a new server 🙂

  4. Ferry Says:

    Cool looking forward to it!

  5. Yuri Says:

    Hier zit ik echt op te wachten, een WK webpart voor sharepoint!

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