Soccerino for SharePoint: WorldCup 2010

Great news for all you soccer fans! Here at Tam Tam we have finally released Soccerino!

The WorldCup 2010 SharePoint Webparts are available for download right now!

Works on both SP2010 and MOSS 2007!

Or use Soccerino on Facebook:

[ Soccerino WK2010 WorldCup Webpart Sharepoint ]


5 Responses to “Soccerino for SharePoint: WorldCup 2010”

  1. mixer66 Says:

    Thanks for this great webpart. Will the admin webpart soon be avaliable ? And did you consider such a thing as the Tour-de-France cycle manager for Sharepoint ?

  2. Michel Sargentini Says:

    I tested it with a test account, this account is now in the Standings list, can we remove this?

  3. kieran Says:


    this is feedback and sorry but its not good. we used the 2006 webpart and the euro 2008 one. both brilliant…hugely popular.

    i installed this one and thought it was really bad from a UI point of view…i showed it to 3 other users just to be sure and everyone agreed it was a huge letdown on what went before. not releasing it on intranet now due to feedback. i understand web apps changing and improving but not when they go downhill. u should have kept it as was.


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